American church by Gary Bertnick

In a troubling dream was seen-

Corporate churches, money makers

Built on shrewd business models

Images that rise high above the common man and woman

Government, nonprofit snare comfortably about the lofty neck

Truth often a woven story told for convenience,

For crafty entertainment,

Emotional comfort as abundant food

Social embrace as sweet drinks;

The sheep stagger in with loads of needs into the shiniest sanctuary,

The sheep stagger out, burdens the same.

Then the Roman Catholic Pope kisses the Koran…

Certainly the walk of faith remains an illusive walk of truth in honest reality

A hidden treasure that remains in a hidden field

Sought long ago by the Queen of Sheba

Found only in Solomon’s enlightened wisdom.

A walk of power, peace and inner strength

Place of separation to God, place of Spirit rest;

With all the world in turmoil

Relentless waves crash on shorelines near and far,

Cries for a shelter, a shadow of comfort, secure place of lasting rest

Fellowship of Divine Peace with songs shared of purest communion

Sparkling jewels that dance within heart and soul

Beautiful reflections from above in these eyes

All join together as children in covenant freedom before our Father

Playful innocence in joyful expressions

Lifted from constraints of body and of the world into the clouds!

Now but a fruitless search from door to door

So many in hunger, so many in thirst

Dying for a house of true Spirit worship

Where our Holy God is present,

Healing power, celebration of His love.

Yet, so often need is met with marketing skills

With sales talents spun into conditioning

Where simple psychology grips and control is won

And hearts are not touched,

Where human effort reigns;

Shifting sand all about

A Rock foundation so difficult to find in America;

All the while the Lord Yeshua stands and quietly watches

Then, reaches for one willing man here

And then another man and woman always over there.

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