Water your own plants

The Sun Shineth again!

As it is now a new year; for many that means changing plans, creating new plans and ideas, makings amends where need be, fine-tuning certain areas of their lives, readjusting and redirecting their focus and energy, on and on the list goes.

Also for many, it only takes about two weeks into the new year to lose sight of the goals and plans they had set at the beginning of the new year. Maintaining the same energy from January first throughout the year is the challenge. Either laziness creeps in, or we begin to get distracted with things that shouldn’t be distracting us in the first place. Even, some start the comparison game and get discouraged when it is only two weeks into the year and their friends are already doing better than them.

Water your own plants. Pay no attention to what others are doing or not doing because their…

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