The purest kiss of Truth

Upon the heart and soul,

An everlasting gift from our God

The lover of our spirit, soul and body

Poured out in kindness upon us,

Poured out in mercy upon the Earth

For a thousand generations, and more;

The clear path of redemption revealed

A trail that leads from Adam and Eve on

Through Seth, through Enoch

Through Noah and Shem

Through Abraham and Sarah

Isaac and Rebecca

Jacob and Rachel and Leah,

With Zilpah and Bilhah;

Most treasured history held by modern Israel!

This jeweled legacy woven into finest fabrics of sacred heritage

Through Moses and Joshua

The Twelve Tribes joined as one

All carried in the arms of Divine love,

A nation of mercy displayed, favor given,

A people always held close to the Lord of All;

Covenant peace, covenant prosperity established

In Messiah’s inheritance.

Even as “today” unfolds before our…

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