A Letter to My Son

Austins Autism

A Letter to My Son
To my beautiful Austin,
This time of year is always filled with memories of 4 years ago. Memories of you, our perfect newborn boy, the final member of our family.
When I think back on these few years of your life, my mind often goes back to the very first time I saw you. I was only 12 weeks pregnant; too soon to know your gender.
Or so we thought.
I went to the ultrasound by myself that day and was shocked that we were able to see that you were indeed a boy.
Our third child, our first son.
Laying on the table during the rest of the scan, I cried tears of complete joy. We were going to have a little boy to join our two sweet girls; our family would look exactly as I’d always hoped it would.
 I could picture you…

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