Those eyes

Those beautiful eyes

Those wonderful eyes;

Delight caught up in a surprise moment of radiant green-blue eyes

A brightness pulsing with vitality

A rich soul full of God’s Light

Priceless Gift from above

Now at rest in one so chosen,

She overflows with the “living stream” our Lord spoke of

Pure and simple reality clothes another woman with lasting beauty.

In another divine encounter

Two who meet on a day of sovereign circumstances

At the market or the mall or the post office,

Even the park way or sidewalk

Along the path of one man who has learned to care and watch!

Eternal youth speaks through these soul windows

This human lamp of an older grandmother, a widow, stooped and fragile

With a glow of the heavenly threshold on a sword’s fine edge,

Such confidence , assurance soars as her spirit soon will

Triumphant sweep over this…

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