What Would President Oprah Do?

Thinking Funny

My five-year-old son legitimately whipped me at cards yesterday.

It’s a little game called Skip Bo.  Players take turns stacking cards (numbered one thru ten) and the first one to use up their home pile is the winner.  My kid knows his numbers, and with some rules help from dad, he played his first real game of competitive cards and the little shark actually beat me.

Up until that game, he hated following the rules.

Whenever I’d Skip Bo with my eight-year-old daughter, we’d invite my son to join us, but he would never play right.  He’d stack cards out of order and go out of turn, sometimes he’d even leave the field of play entirely like a drunken accountant getting bored at his job.  This’d frustrate my daughter (she actually plays by the rules and follows directions) so she’d start using her loud ‘wrangling voice’ on him.  Then he’d…

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