Our Rules, Our Country

Thinking Funny

My dog did his business about a foot away from where another dog had gone earlier.

As I bagged up my Vincent’s output, I picked up the other dog’s harvest, too.  If I’m honest, there was a moment where I resented the other dog owner who left this mess unresolved.  Their dog squatted right there in front of them, did what a good boy or good girl does and then they just casually walked away from it.

You’re going to leave that there?


But that’s rude to the rest of us.

Suits my needs.

But what if someone else steps in it?

Eh, not my problem.

So then, it became the next guy’s problem, who happened to be me.  It now turns into my job to take care of the mess, because if I don’t and walk away, it becomes the mess I ignored.

The same thing happens with…

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