A Parade for Losing

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My Brownies went 0-16 and some fans threw a big parade.

3,200 diehards showed up Saturday in sub-zero wind chill to ironically celebrate the Cleveland Brown’s ‘perfect’ season.  It was a protest, really, a serious message to owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam that the fans are not happy.  They could have marched in anger, but instead they released their frustration with floats and signs reflecting the dark humor every Brown’s fan is required to have.  (Link to Article)

And they tailgated.

They showed up early and cooked ribs and burgers and chugged beers as old-timers told tales of the golden days when the Modell-owned Browns won games, made the playoffs and held parades that were never tongue and cheek.  “Those teams had the same head coach and quarterback for years at a time,” astonished orange and brown clad youngsters are told, “and the Browns fans back then weren’t…

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