My no-experience of the Congress

Crossing the Air

So the Chaos Communication Congress came and left and I ended stuck in Stuttgart with a lot of swag and 50€ less in my bank account. This horrible failure happened for a number of reasons that I’ll list below.  Please, don’t take this as an excuse or a complaint, it’s a brief of facts as my Ambassador report.  Hopefully, this will help others to deal with similar issues.  If not, so be it.

Ignorance of bank system

This is on my side, I admit it.  I never had a bank account in Uruguay, and when I came to Germany I opened one (following my friends’ suggestions) and stuck to it until they decided to close it.  When I opened my new bank account I was happy and pleased to see all the benefits coming with it; far more than the ones I had with my first bank. But…

While using…

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