Hello Glas Éireann!

Crossing the Air

I’m all set to depart to Ireland. I’ll be visiting Dublin, Cork and Belfast.  As most of you surely know, the island is divided in the Republic of Ireland (unrelated to the Commonwealth and part of the EU, using common currency)  and Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom and using British Pounds).

It will be a short trip so it won’t be more than a change of clothes and some stuff to keep working.  I’ll take some photos, keep on with my paintings, learn a bit of Gaelic, and contact (if possible) the OSS local community.  I plan to visit the Trinity College, some libraries, museums, The Black Box, botanical gardens and the seaside.  It’s been ages I don’t see the sea.

And of course, pubs. Lovely, joyful Irish pubs.

Just as a sample of what I expect to see, here’s a picture took by an Irish friend:

A view on Dunmurry


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