How plants speak to you by Merida Raines

While many people I know talk to plants, myself included, I’ve had several occasions in my life where plants have spoken to me.

I love walking and spending time alone in nature. It’s very healing to do so and as a child I would often spend hours among the woods and forest. We lived on four acres that backed up to hundreds of acres when I was a kid and there wasn’t much going on in the country so I’d spend my days in those woods.

One day I remember a strange sensation as I walked those woods – a surreal feeling as though walking into another dimension. The plant that drew me in was a large shrub with spikes on it. Have you ever seen a Hawthorne berry shrub? I’ve actually stepped on one of those spikes and they hurt! The feeling of being drawn into the consciousness of a plant is very strange indeed. It feels as though it attracts your attention and you have no recourse other than to move toward it. The Hawthorne berry shrub drew me like that. Pulled me toward it and actually said, “hello” inside of my head. It was as though it whispered the word. The sound was not outside of me to hear. It was inside and not my voice – a voice neither male nor female. Very difficult to explain.

Another instance of a plant pulling my attention was while standing with friends near a garden with tall plants. Right in the middle of our conversation this tall plant reached out to me and pulled my attention in much the same way as the Hawthorne berry had – just reaching out and grabbing me into its universe. The strange thing about this was I was standing about 5 feet away from this plant and all of a sudden I was completely aware of it. Like invisible tentacles had touched me! I stopped in the middle of our conversation together and asked my friend what kind of plant was in her garden. It turned out to be the comfrey plant. Now I had used comfrey in healing for many years before this happened and had always loved this plant for its specific healing abilities, but I had never known what it looked like because I’d always used the powdered root. It is said that if a plant has an affinity for a particular person it chooses that person to work with. So when she told me it was the comfrey plant I was blown away.

Another instance of plants speaking to me was after I had been given certain codes from Grandmother Parisha. She told us those codes would attract the attention of plants and to use them to see what would happen. So while meditating with the codes in my backyard one day my attention was on the codes when faces popped out of the flower garden next to my lounge on the patio. Funny faces – all. Nothing like human faces at all. In one instant the faces popped out of the plants and in the next breath little plant people all surrounded me on my lounge chair as I chanted the codes. I had heard about them and was greeting the plant people that surrounded me and wondering what would happen next when someone walked out the door and it slammed – dispersing the plant people and effectively blowing the opportunity to see what would happen next!! I was very disappointed.

Everything in Nature speaks to us. The trees, the rocks, the plants, the animals all have their own way of speaking and drawing us into their world. I have had the opportunity to be able to communicate with each of the kingdoms at one time or another. I’ve written about this in my book. Perhaps you’ve had some experience with this? If you have we would love to hear about it! Please share so I don’t feel like I’m the only one. It would be good to know I’m not alone out here. I’ll be introducing Nature Speak to anyone interested in learning how to listen to nature in upcoming classes. Let me know you’re interested. I love teaching this class to children because it helps them become aware of the intelligence of nature and it gives them another reason to get out in nature. As soon as it warms up we’ll be outside!!

6 thoughts on “How plants speak to you by Merida Raines”

  1. I saw the title of your post while scrolling my feed and clicked over instantly! You are not alone! I have been able to “feel” the consciousness of plants my entire life and I have also heard them speak to me on occasion. It’s like telepathy. Instant transfer of information. I am going to check out your blog!

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  2. I love this! I can relate to you a little bit because I just recently got three different house plants. I didn’t even want plants it was my boyfriend’s idea. I can’t remember any of their names, but when I first got them I could weirdly feel their presence in the room like even when I was alone in the room I didn’t feel alone. It was like they were keeping me company. I started taking care of them and paying more attention to them, touching them. I felt weird to say it out loud, but I heard in songs before that if you listen to your plants they’ll talk to you, and I wondered if it was true. I think plant people could be true and I’ve always wondered if nature is really doing more than we think. Maybe that’s why some people really enjoy gardening because you start connecting with them. Thank you for sharing, and no you are not alone!

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  3. I’m glad someone else said this! I always thought I was imagining it. My grandma had such a green thumb and my mom says it skipped a generation xD but when I see plants burning/getting cut down I get this weird sensation in my chest and sometimes cry. Great post 🙂

    Also will be checking out your blog 🙂


  4. Long ago, I met a small girl who spoke to the trees. Any tree, in a park, the street, or anywhere else.
    “Do they answer?” I asked her once.
    “Yes. But you have to know how to listen.”

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