The Heart of Atticus McLaren

Divergence Productions

It’s come to my attention that some people might be confused over what The Atticus McLaren Mysteries is all about. If I’ve misled you into thinking that this series was going to be a murder mystery, then I’m deeply sorry.

That the books (and upcoming show) are an amateur detective series is incidental. The truth is, Atticus and his little family could have been doing anything because, at the heart of this story, it is about self-discovery.

The Atticus McLaren Mysteries is the story of a 40 something, autistic man, who leads a quiet, carefully planned life that’s suddenly turned upside down when he stumbles into a murder mystery. It’s the story of a man who ends up having to do things outside his comfort zone and it turns out that he’s alright. In fact, he ends up being pretty good at this mystery lark.

It’s the story of a…

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