In case of emergency…Whoops!

American Humanist Humorist

Our water was off for a day and my family barely survived.

The neighborhood water main had busted at two in the afternoon, flooding the streets and shutting down water service.  Normally it takes a crew about four hours to get something like that fixed, or so I was told by the nice 3-1-1 lady I talked with.  Little did I know that for the next twenty-three brutal hours, my family would be water-deprived and I’d be ready to panic, and in the end we would discover just how ill prepared for disaster we truly are.

The first major realization happened immediately.

When I tried to fill the coffee pot with water after the kids’ school day, the kitchen faucet sputtered and coughed its bad news at me.  We’d paid our water bill on time, so I didn’t panic like I might have during one of our leaner months.  The…

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