Essence by Gary Bertnick

The essence of our being

Purpose for life

Meaning for our very existence

All the answers to questions of infinity

Illusive perfection tasted

Yet,the Universe seen in a grain of sand;

The reasons for love and hate

What true beauty is or is not,

Like a drop of water from the oceans

Falls upon the face of a small child at play

Even as hands cup the entire span of all seas and lakes and oceans

With a single spoken Word of their Creator;

He sits on His Throne

A pool of crystal water bath off to the side

All creation seen at a glance in its simple span and depth

From the movements of the largest whales of the seas

To a newborn heart beating in the womb of a new mother

Life simply created

While many others come to a final end;

Each breath and each heartbeat

Fish and birds and plants, everything called animal

Tiny things of bacteria, viruses and biochemistry invisible to the human eye,

Trillions of stars above and beyond

Lost to all vision and true understanding as well.

The conflict of the human will

Struggle between darkness and Light, evil and good

Angelic powers and a kingdom in rebellion;

And the God of Love who sits on His Throne

The Lord Redeemer at His side,

Revelation by the Spirit of God alone as a smile upon a soul,

Wisdom and knowledge as greatest treasures discovered in mercy revealed

Truth that is Life

Love that is power to overcome the world

Peace given that is victory over fallen human nature

The Way of freedom in triumph hand in hand with a humble Shepherd;

Life in its essence is made known

To any and all with open hearts

Willing to bow in reverence

Before the unsearchable Greatness

All the mysteries of our being

Wrapped in trust and faith

Hope that glows in peace within

A precious jewel of wisdom given to the heart and soul

Soon to become a crown upon each head,

Soon to be seen in our Savior’s eyes.

Happy MLK Day 2018 – Still a Looong Way to Go

Thinking Funny

One year before I was born America passed the Civil Rights Act.

Put another way, it’s only been illegal to discriminate in this country for as long as I’ve been alive, and I’m only 52.  Just five years before I was C-sectioned into this world, Jim Crow was alive and well and four African American college students were arrested for trespassing when they dared to sit at a Woolworths ‘whites-only’ lunch counter.  (Link) Only ten years before I popped out, cops arrested Rosa Parks for refusing to obey the bus driver’s order to give up her seat in the ‘colored section’ to a white passenger after the ‘whites-only’ section was filled.  (Link)

I’m not that old, and neither are America’s attempts at racial equality.

Once the majority of us elected Barack Obama president in November of 2008, many people made the mistake of assuming we had…

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