A kind and Majestic Hand reaches out

And takes a few drops of Living Water,

With His Creator’s touch from an endless ocean of love before Him,

Drops then placed into a human heart with a sea of human needs,

A woman’s tender soul that thirsts,

The humble spirit of a man as well becomes suddenly alive!

True Life is freely given where there was none

Peace in beauty where stress and inner conflict ruled,

Love that can now easily forgive

True love that covers all transgressions

Pure love that expresses sacrificial goodness in thanksgiving,

As love quickly forgives and forgets,

And “keeps no record of wrongs”;

Love rises above without any fear of judgment or punishment.

Living Water now flows within us

A stream spoken into existence by our Lord,

It rises as a fountain, flows from a life of abundance

Gifted through human spirit rebirth;

Kingdom blessings of…

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