Seeds by Gary Bertnick

True peace is the busy and calloused world,

The Mysterious Seeds

Just as that seed of corn,

In dying to self is the gate to real living,

Bowing in humility, worship springs up from this Earth

Caught up in the Universal command bursting to love,

Truth emerges from the human spirit within.

How many creatures and living things there are

Hidden and seen, during the day and at night

On mountain tops, in deepest valleys

Above water, below water

All drawing life, returning to the ground again;

Yet, beyond understanding, wisdom is given,

From One Cross comes many

Many times many from One Savior

Redeemer who reaps from all sowing

Harvesting when all work has been done,

Once a baby, a child, a young man, Israel’s King

Now a  sharp sickle ready in the Sovereign Hand

Swung from Heaven’s brightest cloud

When all good has been done

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