To Give or Not To Give – Handling the Beggar Dilemma.

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Sometimes people who street-beg aren’t who they say they are.

A three-year-old girl holding a Toys for Tots can asked my friend Meredith for a donation at the busy CVS yesterday.  Meredith is kind and loves Tots, so she pulled out some singles and handed them over, but the kid didn’t stick the folded money through the can’s narrow slot.

Instead, she pocketed it and walked away.

Five minutes later another beggar approached Meredith at the same store, different aisle.  This time it was a desperate woman seeking bus money, and Meredith helped her out with a couple of bucks.  The woman thanked her and took off, and my charitable friend went about her shopping with the money she had left.

Ten minutes later, different aisle, same woman hits her up again.

She pitches the identical bus money spiel, word for word, inflection for inflection, to an astonished Meredith.  Then…

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7 thoughts on “To Give or Not To Give – Handling the Beggar Dilemma.”

  1. I don’t have this dilemma anymore, if I have a coin I give. If I haven’t, I don’t give.
    Usually to those I know or do something like playing music or painting, so I avoid the judging/mistrusting thing.
    In Montevideo and Frankfurt (I didn’t see any in my town or in Stuttgart) I just gave when I had. If I’m in a tight budget, well, what can I say? Sorry mate but no. But if I have some money, who am I to say no?

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