Living Near the Arctic Circle is Difficult, but So is Parenting.

Thinking Funny

Last night while sleeping, my son puked on my daughter’s head.

It wasn’t personal, she just happened to be lying next to him when his stomach bug kicked in.  So at three in the morning, my girl is sobbing over the bathroom sink while I’m holding her little hand and my wife is rinsing out her clotted hair with warm water.  Meanwhile my son had fallen back asleep, unaware that he had just ruined apples and Nutella for the rest of us forever.

Parenting is a difficult lifestyle.

Not a physically demanding one like the Arctic Circle lifestyle on Netflix’s Life Below Zero, but one that requires an equal amount of dedication and persistence.  Surviving in sub-zero temperatures out in the snowy wild might be tougher on the body than parenting, but both styles of living demand you make peace with some inevitable difficulties.

Like unknown threats from the…

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