Fifty-Two Christmas’s and Nothing (Thankfully) Has Changed

Thinking Funny

This will be my 52nd Christmas.

My attitude towards the commercial side of this yearly celebration has evolved over the last half century.  My journey of yuletide gifting began in the 1900’s during the mid-sixties, and in those days, like these days, Christmas was all about getting toys.  Except back then the only internet I had access to was the Sears catalog.  The glossy pages of its toy section were where a kid like me browsed for potential gifts, but there was no electronic cart to store items in until you proceeded to checkout.  I’d just circle what I hoped Santa would bring and then somehow that data landed on his North Pole desk with enough time for the elves to construct it.

The first toy I remember really wanting and getting was a G.I. Joe.

This was around 1972, so my moveable action figure (it wasn’t a doll!)…

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