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I’m an Autistic mom to Autistic kids, and a non-autistic kiddo. My introduction to the world of “Autism” was through the diagnosis of my oldest son when he was 12, back in the 2000s. 

Which, at the time of diagnosis, didn’t make any sense to me. My son was like me, and sure, needed more support in school – which was also like me. So when he was diagnosed with Autism, and by extension I was too, I knew it couldn’t be like the portrayal in the movie “Rain Man.”

I didn’t rebuke the label. I embraced it because I desperately needed to get my son more support in school. That, and even more serious, more protections in place to keep him from being killed by his peers. Yes, killed. 6th grade. No fucking joke.Welcome to being Autistic in the ‘hood.

I was also…

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