My Autism Unscramble

Pressed đź“ťTes

In the middle of madness, he is my calm

I can’t hear them as they speak directly to me

So, I hear his music and connect through a song

They look for me, repeating themselves over and over

But to their words I am numb

Nothing makes sense, until his voice

The madness disappears the puzzle starts to unscramble

The volume of my thoughts turns down

And slowly stop motioning like that of a merry go round

Tried to love but can’t

Tried to feel but numb

his music wakes me up

My thoughts shine as bright as the sun

Breakthrough in many ways, but an even grander reminder of autism you see

I don’t know him but through his music I connect emotionally

I feel too late, when loved ones die

I laugh when nothings funny

I cry without reason

And I do not feel love enough to have…

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