GRACIOUS  WORDS- Testimony of Youth

In a troubling circumstance

Long ago, gracious words were spoken

A breath of sincere goodness

Through a friend’s kindness in honesty

And through the mystical work of the Lord of Mysteries;

Things were said in a moment

Simple questions were asked in humility

And suddenly, a cloud of numbing despair lifted

The light of true understanding began to break through;

This cloud never returned.

Beauty of a new quiet, a new calm settled within me

A warm blanket of comforting peace on a cold night;

With little understanding, I stood amazed

Enlightened by the simplicity of such Truth

Shared openly by a newly discovered woman friend,

Freedom offered from beyond my own grasp;

Something good entered my heart and soul

A “Seed of Promise” never to leave.

I stood that night in mysterious calm

After battling internal conflicts for years

In numerous relationships and youthful…

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