The center of the world

Land of all destiny

Focus of true purpose and lasting reality

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Home of eternal Kingdom rest,

Throne of the Jewish King, Lord of Hosts

Place of eternal Covenant Peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the long hill,

Mount of Olives covered with his strides of Glory,

To cleanse the Temple and the Temple Mount,

Multitudes to line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

In triumph of our God of Truth,

Majestic abundant fruit of our God of Love!

A thousand years of wonder soon upon this Earth, His Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem,

The most beautiful Bride to descend from beyond the stars.

His chosen place of triumph from ancient days on

Good over evil

God’s Truth over Satan’s lies

Light over darkness


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