The Strix ~ Mental Illness

The Strix

This month’s topic is Mental Illness, choice of Kashaf.
As always, The Strix brings you different perspectives
via Expression Crossing Continents.
Kashaf, John, Manuel and our newest member Eric
created pieces of art with the topic in mind.



Those sweaty hands trembled as I started typing to release the rest of the stress after having smoked the big cig (much to the distasteful looks of the onlookers as I walked my way into a pit of anxiety). The earphones dug deep in my ears, blasting with songs they didn’t understand. My pulse had gone crazy in the past few minutes. The shaking keypad in front of me blurred, as I had another head rush, thanks to the trillion thoughts blinding my conscious.

I sat there, on a lone chair in what looked like a basketball court, minus the players, the basket or the ball. A few kittens scuttled…

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