The Sound & The Image

Wofa Israel Writes

This story is a collaboration between Israel Ntumi and Julius Okpei. Both wrote this piece, not knowing how it will end, but the with the central point being PDA and Domestic Violence.

Our story is to allow us create our own endings to our lives’ stories. Your life is important.

The story of our couple begins

“I really love him too, but I can’t do this. It is too hard.”, Ajeib thought as she stood over her balcony sipping tea looking over at her half-naked neighbour tediously mowing his lawn. They had been close for years, but she never had the confidence to start a conversation with him. All they were good at was to look at each other, smile, and nod. “AJ!!! Where the hell are you?”, a voice screamed from the bedroom. The scare made her spill her tea, and the cup dropped and shattered into pieces. She…

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