My Autism is different

Pressed 📝Tes

I am not the good doctor

I am limited with my hands

I am like the good doctor

Skilled to remember things

I have autism similar to him

I have autism nothing like him

He is a character, I am a person though I am warming up to the show

Music comforts me

Meltdowns limit me

Music teaches me

Math stifles me

I am not Einstein numbers make no sense

I am Tierra, Nick Jonas teaches me emotions

I am sort of like Temple Grandin but

I am Tierra, my brain processes learning through music and literature, I do by recall, and I only recall through music, and literature, not so much visual images.

I do not learn by you showing me I learn by a step by step written explanation.

Einstein was brilliant and Temple is beautiful but I am Tierra and my autism is different, the spectrum is…

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