David Snape Radio Show 1.12.17

Welcome to another edition of the David Snape radio show. Your essential station for Bourne and surrounding areas. On this weeks show:
An exclusive interview and performances from singer/songwriter Benjamin Coaton, not to be missed.
I preview the Bourne Christmas Fayre and showing what plan I have in place.
I describe a recent post I have done about my autism.
All your Christmas events and Santa sleigh routes for the weekend and coming week.
There will also be plenty of great music including some long songs in the mix.
Hope you enjoy the show.

7 thoughts on “David Snape Radio Show 1.12.17”

  1. You have a podcast? I am trying to make one. On my spare time. Which I don’t have much of. What advice can u give? What kind of set up do you have do you use a MacBook? I am waiting to get a USB mic and trying to figure out garage band. What software do u use? Sorry for the questions

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    1. It’s more of a radio show my own, it’s more of a local show based around bourne and its surrounding areas. I use a laptop, Mixcraft software, a microphone, a handheld voice recorder and songs from Amazon music.
      If you want to do a podcast, do one which includes your favourite subject and something you could talk about for hours. Wish you the very best of luck 😃

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      1. Thanks. 🙂 I watched some tutorials on creating a podcast today. Seems like this may be a little spendy hobby. LOL cost of this if I upgrade plus podcast host subscription. LOL Well if it is something I believe I would really enjoy doing than it shall all be worth it. 🙂

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