A butterfly moves from blossom to blossom

In a world of mixed blessings,

Good choices make life cleaner

Right choices make it more pure,

Strength comes down from Heaven

Living Truth enables

Spirit Truth empowers,

The Holy Presence equips;

These ones ready, separated to God

Now as strangers on the Earth

Prepared hearts, foreigners in this world

Who walk a chosen path,

A path of lasting peace;

We move along the narrow road

Lined by jeweled intimate revelations,

Glowing trees of beauty on every side

That hang heavy with fruit of noble works,

Again, birthed from good choices

Born of seeds of Majestic Truth

Showered down from rich and full heavenly clouds;

Everything these children touch becomes golden,

Material abundance freely shared,

Healing given out

Understanding offered to any

Knowledge that becomes life, to all.

Disciples of sacrificial love have been washed

Openly cleansed within

Purity draws us…

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October’s End

Crossing Paths

Our neighbor’s apple orchard looks sadly bare,
the harvest’s bounty now pressed into cider and jam.
In the fields, pumpkins and gourds have succeeded
summer’s bumper crop of watermelons,
long gone off to Fourth of July picnics and
family reunions.


By sunset our last pile of leaves had been raked,
left glowing orange in a lazy bonfire, its wispy
shaft of smoke curling upward in the chilly twilight.
Autumn’s lackluster constellations can’t compete
with this evening’s gibbous moon, rising golden
just over the eastern horizon, silhouetting
a lonely grove of bare-boned maple trees.

This year’s festive All Hallows’ Eve begins
to wane into sleepy solemnity as packs of
costumed children retreat indoors to inspect
their cache of candies while jack-o-lantern faces
gradually go dark. Excited laughter dissipates,
leaving the night to echo only the rhythmic
chirping of crickets and an occasional hoot
from a hidden barn owl. My midnight hike

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