My new body, heart beating and blood flowing

Your unique body, hormones and thoughts and breaths taken,

Now clothed with purpose

Wrapped warmly in divine meaning,

Meant for the Lord as a vessel of honor;

Grown within a mother’s womb

Spirit created by the Creator,

Shape and form made by invisible hands

Foreknown, most intricate, most delicate

Mysteries of beauty in treasures developed

Even respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems

Yet to be fully lived out

Or understood.

Another human temple meant to honor the Lord of heaven and earth

To stand in strength

To rise above this world

And walk the Way of Life in Messiah’s Truth

The Shepherd’s walk of triumph

Victory in faith just as the Faithful One,

The path of life over death;

Purity of spirit, soul and body

The beauty of a woman’s form

With inner strengths and sensitive intuitions,

A man in stature and…

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