Winds move across the Earth

Ocean waters with currents come and go

Energy from the sun pulses in waves, sometimes irregular

All in a timeless pure silver cord of God’s purpose,

Even in those He loves in foreknowledge

Predestined and prepared to know Him;

Layers of eternity rest in His hands

Entwined within layers of Divine Revelations,

Just as the elder Prophet John wrote faithfully

Precise Words of what he saw and heard;

Our lives truly hidden in Messiah Yeshua

Soon to be made known

On tiptoes till He is full revealed after destroying the Beast Kingdom,

Shown to John in greatest Holy Spirit intimacy.

“My Lord, my God” as Thomas cried out

Bowing in holy fear,

Clothed forever in reverence for his Savior;

A new day passes by as a thousand years,

While the Lord weighs infinite details in a moment

A thousand years rush by

Like a…

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