Final Silence

The Ardent Writer


Thesoundechoing in the empty abyss of my mind.


The sound ofharmonyconfined.

In captivity of my soul I see,

faintness of my plea fade and flee.

His dirty hands reaching out to me

Like a vector injecting contagion in me.

I try to escape

Squirming and Writhing away from his filthy grip

Not able to find my solace.

Only thirteen at that time,

I became a victim to your crime.

Smack. Strike. Thwack.

In the lonely abyss of my mind,

I intend to elude from the consonance of the terror.

In the somber surrounding of distress,

Your vulgar touch kills and suppress.

I am solving the puzzle I have come to be

Due to the horror, you have inflicted upon me.

Yearning to be together and loved

Not a hint of movement

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