David Snape Show 17.11.17

Welcome to another exciting edition of the David Snape Show, going to Bourne and Beyond with all of this.

We go into detail about the latest scam that’s been hitting this area.
Danielle explains why South Holland is the highest in terms of crashes relating to drink driving.
Your advertisements and events for the weekend and the coming week
Two interviews, first with David and Michael from the Bourne and Morton Cycling Club.
Second, with Daniel, Tim, Dave and Luke from the Bourne Cyclists group.
Plus plenty of great music.

Spread the word around and I hope you enjoy the show.

No Guts, No Glory

Reflections From the Heart

When he drank, my husband became an overwhelming monstrosity. One drink was one too many, ten never enough. The more I tried to be supportive, the more he was in denial, declaring, “I can quit anytime I want.”

Emotions carved a hole in me like the machete Donny used to slice at the shrubs, vines and lurking snakes. I hated seeing my husband in a drunken stupor, losing touch with reality. But when he was sober and in his right frame of mind, I became goo-goo eyed, in love with him all over again.

The paradox of my heart.

One foot in front of the other—that’s how I kept my sanity intact. Much too encumbered to mull over my plight, I tended to my girls and even began thinking about babysitting other children for extra income.

By then, Donny threatened much, delivered less. I tried to ignore his childish ways…

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