The emptiness crawls in every night by my side
to sing me lullabies of my destroying thoughts,
which surrounds me with distraught and feelings which seem like an awful lot for an individual to absorb.

It keeps me up at night while I contrite upon hearing
the sounds of pounding of my battered heart and those of my silent sobs.

It follows me from previous night to the next day,
which makes me want to keep sleeping for the entire day to chase my thoughts away.

But I have to get up, for the sake of following some goddamn rules
which were build by a fool who was lucky enough to not go through this feeling that I have to.

It’s unending and suffocating to see myself give up each day
only to go back to bed at the end of the day to stay awake anyway.

You know what…

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One thought on “Depression”

  1. “The one which gives me the warmth of a hug, and I know it may seem like I am on drugs but I don’t want to feel alone anymore, when I was the only one who closed that door.”
    I know someone who might (I hope not) say this,
    Thanks for sharing it.

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