The Olde Pueblo

For the love of art

Loyalty, friendship, family, respect, accountability and integrity are the codes that Adam Basurto, the master mind behind the clothing brand The Olde Pueblo (T.O.P), lives by. Living by these codes and keeping “ten toes down” has inspired a clothing brand that aspires to represent Tucson in a way that he believes Tucson should be represented; which is through moral codes with an essence of nineties hip-hop.

Growing up, he had a mentor in the family who taught him the importance of being loyal and true to not only himself, but to the people around him who stay loyal and true to him. Through the clothing, videos and photo shoots, Basurto pushes to instill hometown pride into his audience. His brand goes beyond clothing and making a dollar. T.O.P is a lifestyle that not everybody can get down with, and that’s just fine with Basurto. His goal is not to sell…

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