David Snape Show 10.11.17

Welcome to another edition of the David Snape Show, going to Bourne and Beyond with local news, advertisements, interviews and a load of great music along the way.
On the show this week:
We talk about remembrance day and another historical event that took place in Bourne during World War 1.
Danielle, the robot, will be talking about why are the great British shops dying out.
I will be doing a match report on Bourne rugby’s recent league match against Brackley.
An interview with Amanda Porter who looks after your dogs when you are busy.
A brilliant announcement that Samanatha Doughty has teamed up and we will do a workout with songs to match.
There will also be some fantastic music and advertisements throughout the show.
Hope you enjoy the show, there maybe a bit of a dance ending to the show as well.

8 thoughts on “David Snape Show 10.11.17”

  1. I always look forward to your voice. While I think it is great that you share your platform with others…you are the one I look forward to most. Even if I know nothing about Bourne. Just glad you are back regularly. Hope it means you are feeling better.

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