Run Your Race by sunshinethagain

Social media has made it a lot easier to tell a story and paint a picture of what we want others to believe. Unfortunately as a result, it has also become very easy to unintentionally compare ones self to the life and journies of others.
…don’t live life comparing your journey to others because you are uniquely you. 
When you begin to compare yourself to people, it distracts your focus and robs you of your energy that could easily be invested in other aspects of your life. You are you. Because you are you: your journey will be different, your path will be different, and your race will be different. Surely you will get to the finish line, but you cannot and will not get there if you don’t redirect your focus and invest your energy into running your own race.
As a former track athlete, one of the key lessons I learned and one of the things that helped me earn first place in all my 400M dash race was: balance and pace. Winning a long distance race requires personalized strategy because if you run too fast you burnout quickly and risk losing. Likewise, if you run too slowly you risk losing. It was all about finding balance, the right pace, and strategy that worked best for me.
At the beginning of the race we all started at the same level, but what happened in between the starting and finish line varied for all individuals. During those years, I had observed that some would start slow while others started fast: the runners that ran fast didn’t always come first and those that ran slow didn’t always come last. Same applies to the journey of life:
…find your balance, find you pace, and remain focused without letting the runner behind or ahead of you distract you and deter you from getting to the finish line.
Run your race at your own pace, and stay true to your own race. If at anytime you feel the need to slow down or speed up; you can change that because you alone have the will power (by the grace of God) to change the course of your journey..

One thought on “Run Your Race by sunshinethagain”

  1. I love this analogy. I often say to friends (and internally to myself when I notice myself doing it) that we’re all unique individuals and to compare yourself against someone else is like comparing apples with oranges.

    You cannot measure you self worth by using someone else’s yardstick! You have to set your own goals and rate yourself on your own merits and if you’re slower/faster or ahead/behind others then so be it!

    Only you know what you want out of life, Only you can steer the path you want to take and only you can run the race you want to run.

    Love and hugs.

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