Holy Words spoken

Holy Words written on scrolls, then books

A Sacred Breath recorded that crowns the Universe;

Holy Words that swallowed death for all time,

Holy Words pierced the veiled human mind and soul

To touch the dormant, dead human spirit with eternal reality,

The Name above every name

The Lord of Creation speaks.

Body and soul are lifted with wings of encouragement

Human spirits made new with Heaven’s treasures indwelling;

Messiah stands always near

His Peace encloses,

His Peace overflows.

Angels of delight take a child’s hand

Leads them away from darkness

And into a life of true love;

Brought safely through every struggle

Victorious in every battle

Triumphant while the war rages on in the heavens

Soon to be brought to a quiet reverence and calm;

But our Earth to be shaken violently.

The earth trembles, the mountains quake

Those who still walk the land…

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One thought on “HOLY WORDS”

  1. I have this theory where all words used to be Holy, but we lessened their luster with reality television and the internet and phones—like, imagine: Back in the Medieval Ages, you lived fifty or a hundred kilometers (or miles) away from your nearest neighbor, so that every time you saw him, it was like a little bolt of enlightenment. News from a distant land! They had no cars, and no reason to visit.

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