Many voices can be heard all about

Multiple tongues

Loud or soft, sharp or dull,

Even a few as fountains of wisdom,

But most as a wasteful, selfish wandering stream.

Good words settle within to encourage

As true soothing thoughts move peacefully over the soul

Rise up from your spirit,

Internal thoughts of your own voice

Touch your inner being;

Then, a divine revelation

In creative enlightenment from God

His Voice of delight can speak within you

As a “still, small voice”

In you and through you!

Your inner voice comes alive in new Holy Spirit rebirth

The Majestic Voice most powerful and most beautiful,

As a parable, a secret hidden from many others

Yet, so intimate within you;

The discipline of the inner ear

Words and voices discerned

True knowledge grows Rock Solid

On the foundation of the written “Word made flesh”

Made known, matured in you!

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