Watchful eyes see clearly

Bright and alert always

Even with a farmer’s patience

They look for early and latter rain,

Truth will shower down in time;

As the Heavenly Kingdom shines purely in a woman’s eyes

Her needs fully met

Beauty of form woven into beauty of heart

Silver and gold threads embroidered into whitest linen;

From the soul of a man as well

Both deeply in love

Joined together with their Lord!

Now, as part of His Body, His Bride to be

His Living Church who breathes within the Holy Spirit,

The flock of love from all generations

Stands poised to rise up majestically come the last great trumpet call,

These many destined to cover the sky with brightest white clouds of joy

To lift salvation high above the world, this Earth

All in the lasting embrace of their Savior

Shepherd Lord of Life

Creator of…

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