An open letter to a friend

Fall Musings

Do you remember the old parable? What beats agility is perseverance.

The hare and the tortoise by Sunil Moharana

How to begin now?

You love your silence. And I don’t have anything against it, but I just don’t want to see you engulfed by it, you know?

Life is like a series of cause and effect on loop. Until or unless it tests us with our most guarded fear, the resilience never really builds up. And despite your most cherished claim, there’s always something you fear losing, and life has a way of proving it to you.

So let me give you a little reminder of what you might be missing presently.

The bigger picture, my friend. I can’t emphasise enough. If you want to achieve big, always try to find the bigger picture. Because when you see it, you will understand that there might be temporary setbacks here…

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