Salute Yal Bannot Sing For Respect, Unity & Self-love


For the last couple of years Sudan’s music scene has seen the rise of the stellar all-women band Salute Yal Bannot. Based in Khartoum, this group of seven women use their captivating voices to advocate for women’s rights. Harmonising and rapping in English and Arabic, they create soulful, catchy melodies with inspiring lyrics about the struggles faced by women, from FGM to self-love.

Their vibrant live shows have earned them a performance at the renowned TEDx event, and a place at the TV talent programme Arabs Got Talent 2017 semi-finals.

Salut Yal Bannot, sudan, akua naru (L to R) Hiba Elgizouli, Sarita Abdalazeem, Rayan Abdallah, Walaa Hasan Elmahi, Nasra Babiker, Mai Elgizouli. Photo: Shayma Idris

At a crossroads between African and Arabic cultures, Sudan has a rich and unique history of musical expression and cultural exchange. Mixing traditional ethnic rhythms with Arabic instruments like guitars, ouds and violins, modern music in Sudan also fuses jazz…

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