Once so strong and simply clear

Eyes slowly drift away from Messiah’s Cross,

Most powerful display of eternal authority

The greatest sacrifice of love;

Hearts once fixed in joy on the Redeemer

Solid on the Rock foundation

Spirits and souls who looked only to their Lord;

Then, thoughts begin to drift away on the open seas,

A light breeze and warm sunshine carry a small raft steadily away.

Seeds of deception have sprouted

Weeds among the wheat

Too many souls not rooted deeply in Spirit Truth

The ark of Life anchored in the Living Hope of the Living Word;

These ones somehow distracted from purest golden reality

Turned from glowing colored jewels of Heaven reflected

In loving streams of goodness.

A gray cloud begins to cover

Stretches to the horizons

Daily life now fills with conflicts and confusion,

Surface beauty and worldly wealth;

So many constant worries

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