Cubing and Me

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Hello Guys,

I am a speed cuber, someone who aims at solving a Rubik’s cube and similar puzzles in the least time possible, and after 3 years of solving the puzzle I think I should share some of my stories with you guys.

Capture<<<———– IT’S MEEEEE

Why did I start cubing? Many people I know have some inspirational stories about why did they want to start cubing, but me, I have very simple one. It was the summer of 2014 in India and I was going to my tuition. In between I met my younger cousin who goes to the same tuition and was in the same group as me. He was holding a Rubik’s cube in his hand and I thought it was so hilarious that I actually started rolling on floor laughing. But my bro just did not react, honestly I felt insulted by that I mean I went…

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