The raw truth of being 26 by Laura Macauley 

I’m A 26-Year-Old Widow, But That Does Not Define Me

Laura started an Instagram account just 30 days after her husband passed away. While reading various quotes, she began putting stories to them. She shares her entire journey of love, loss and moving forward. Laura decided to start guest blogging so that she could start going into more detail on the grief process and moving forward. Follow her on Instagram at @AdventuresAfterYou75 

When I woke up December 31st, 2016 I would never have thought that would be the last time waking up beside my husband. In fact, if you told me you were 100% sure, I still would not have believed you.

My husband, James, passed away early in the morning January 1st, 2017. Although I could write pages and pages on that day on how I was in shock, how I felt abandoned or how I didn’t ever think I would move forward, instead, I am here to explain how it has affected me and what I have learned from it. You never know what life is going to give you. So many things in life you cannot control, you can only control you. Controlling me is exactly what I have done.

I have been a freelance marketer for about 3 years. I started this work with the intention of traveling lots. Traveling is what I have been doing most of 2017. I have been to 15 countries (so far), most of which are in North America and Europe. I first began traveling because I liked that no one knew my story. No one could look at me with sympathy, and no one could judge me for anything I was doing. It was not until country 11 that I realized the real reason I enjoyed traveling…

I was living and I was choosing to live.

I was going new places, and if I were not on this planet I would not get to see. I was experiencing cultures that I had not experienced before. I was meeting people that I would never have talked to otherwise.

At first, I did not tell anyone my story. Not a single person knew. In fact, sometimes I used a fake name. I was so scared about people learning and looking at me differently. What I learned though after opening up to some people is that everyone has a story, everyone has a past, and everyone is trying to move forward from something. My story may be more extreme than others, but that did not matter.

Everyone has a choice. It does not matter what your story is. If you don’t like your job, find a new one. If you don’t like your town, move. If you want to travel, book a plane ticket. You never know when your last day will be. There is so much that you cannot control in life. The good news is that you do control the reactions to what happens to you.

I’m nothing but proud to be the wife of James Martin. With that said, that does not define who I am. January 1st does not define who I am. Whether the worst possible situations happened to you or you are facing a new obstacle that you never planned on facing, keep moving forward.

My story may seem inspiring or motivating. I hope that it does, but that is not my mission. I look around seeing people of all ages not truly living. I see them in the same routine and hating the life that they are living. That’s so sad to me now. It’s sad that they do not see another way, or that they are scared to choose another path.

Being a widow at 26 years old does not define me. Whatever has happened to you in your past has made you the strong person that you are. Embrace yourself and embrace life.



6 thoughts on “The raw truth of being 26 by Laura Macauley ”

  1. Thats the thing about champions, in situations they just put their sword down, give it a tear or two and then again raise and fight back. I am happy tha you’re liking what you are doing and thanks for sharing it!

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