Battle of a Lifetime.

Cindy Seatonq

Are there days you just want to pull out your hair because there is something in your life that is driving you crazy, and you want it gone?

Ya, I’ve had lots of days like that too! I feel like there is a mountain in the way, that I can’t move. Over the years I have gained some perspective and know now that some of those mountains were molehills…

I had opened their bedroom door. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a square inch of rug to be seen in the whole room. Clothes, books, gadgets and gizmos were strewn everywhere. I think there may have been a bed somewhere amid it all. Sighing, I closed the door and went to find my child.

I didn’t consider myself a nagger or guilt tripper, but I had been on my child many times about their messy room and I seemed to be…

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