Trump’s Latest Gambit: Rolling Back the Birth Control Mandate

Seeing Through the B.S.

President Trump is at it again. If there is anything that should be crystal clear about his agenda, it is that he clearly does not like Obama-care (A.K.A. the Affordable Care Act). Despite his efforts to push the current Republican Congress to repeal it, he has come up short in every single attempt.

Now he is continuing his attempts to undermine it, likely in hopes to sway the public to put greater pressure on congress to repeal it. The latest effort is less about popularity as it is about throwing red meat to the evangelical wing within the Republican party.

On Friday, the administration made one of its boldest moves yet, with two memos from multiple agencies that would dramatically curtail women’s access to birth control through their employers. The new regulations, effective immediately, would exempt all employers and insurers from covering or paying for coverage of contraceptives if they…

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