From the only “Door to Life”, Gate of Peace

The Narrow Road of Truth moves outward

Absolute Truth stretches as a silver cord in a world of deceit

Where most people knowingly or unknowingly seek to live a lie,

And sleep the sleep of death;

“Self” rules where Satan controls

Uncaring, most without a hint

So many lost, never to be found.

The Judge stands as Shepherd

Calls out the Way to all sheep with compassion and in kindness

Each one repeatedly called

By the One above who seeks to save.

The sun rises daily and washes darkness away

Then, the sun sets and stars trumpet out ancient patterns

Star symbols of Creation

And new birth in redemption

Until final judgment,

Constellations cry out;

Angels stand day in and day out with each human being

In an atmosphere of love

To protect, help, guide and coax along the Narrow…

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