Some Things Never Change

Geek In Chic

I clenched my cup of coffee hard with both hands in hopes that my hands will stop shaking, and I take a look at the time on my phone. 9:03

“Breath Miguel, remember you wanted this”, I tellcoffee myself wishing my nerves would calm down. You see, although it’s autumn and it’s chilly, I am not shaking because I’m cold. I’m shaking because anytime now, He should be walking through the doors of the coffee shop. He, the one that stole my heart, He who broke it into a million pieces… He my first love. I look down at my phone again, 9:04. What? It feels like I have been waiting for an hour. But it’s my fault for wanting to show up early to order my coffee and find a spot where I would feel comfortable.  I wanted to find a place in the café where I could feel…

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