sausages_592633‘Why are you feeding him those disgusting sausages?  With a diet like that he’ll be missing out on a lot of vitamins, wow’.’

Wow indeed.  Such a loaded question, where do I start?  How about with my mood.

Good mood.  Rhino skin in place, tolerance in tact, smile and answer ‘They are his choice, he really likes them’.  Drift away, cursing under breath.

Bad mood.  ‘I am not ‘feeding him’ anything.  Thank goodness he has brought those sausages with him or we would not have been able to come to your house.  He won’t eat yours and they will make him vomit.  You can thank me later for protecting your carpet. Perhaps you’d like to take a tour through the history of his eating habits.  

He was weaned on every fruit, vegetable and pulse under the sun.  Everything was steamed, mashed, whizzed and consumed.  At the age of two…

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2 thoughts on “Sausages”

  1. I’ve seen this same situation with people who’s simply in a tight budget. Man, that’s all what I’ve got to eat, that’s all what I can pay for, it was really necessary to say that?
    I’ve seen it many times, even in the supermarket. I remember once an old man buying a handful of minced meat and some noodles. The guy after him in the queue pretended to be confused and said laughing: “Oh, sorry, I thought it was the cat’s food”. Was that really necessary? Are you going to pay for a better meat for him? No? Then keep it quiet.
    I can’t understand why people do that. You don’t know that person, you don’t know why their eating or buying that, why do you mess? Even if they’re really doing everything wrong, why do you care? Leave him alone, to each his own.

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