Each one of us

Eternal qualities

Eternal destiny,

Good seeds scattered by Noble Hands

Unique in time as flowers with rare scents

Unique in place and purpose

Every fruitful beauty and strength within and about

Miraculously woven together as DNA blossoms

Mystical genetic designs with a heavenly breath

Made as a special creature of God

Singular patterns blended into singular earthly circumstances

Even new Holy Spirit creations in Messiah Yeshua!

Just as nations newly birthed

With tribes and languages

All splendid in appearance

Qualities unmatched in all the Earth

Special purposes for existence expressed artfully from above

In the greatest knowledge of the Lord of Creation,

Each nation, each land, each person

Held up in new light

While the sun rises

Growth and development in wonder

Until the majestic sun sets for common rest.

New birth into new life

As vessels of highest honor

Meant for the One…

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